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Finished Products


Rugs are a blend of wool and mohair. The hand dyed mohair is blended with gray wool.

Dyed Rugs
24" x 34" with 4" fringe | $125.00 each

Dyed Up Close

Natural Rugs

26" x 46" with 4" fringe | $175.00 each

Natural Rug


Shawls are woven on a triangle loom. Mohair and wool are used to create these one of a kind pieces. Shawls are measured tip to tip on the long length of the triangle approximately 72". Measurements don’t include the fringe.

Samples are shown below. Contact us for details.

$110.00 each

Pink & Blue - designed with rolled collar

Dark Green & Gray- designed with a variety of woven patterns collar stiched in place

Dark Gray & Green Shawl

Lavender, White & Gray- hand woven with rolled collar

Bronze & Gray -hand spun varigated yarn gives less definision in plaid pattern

Lavender, White & Gray Shawl

Bronze & Gray Shawl

Shades of Brown & Tan with rolled collar

Shades of brown Shawl



Approx 10" Tall | Each with their own personality | $20.00 each

Red, Green or Yellow | 7.00 each

Apple Kit


$18.00 each

Felted Pumpkins

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